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Ocean Gladiator is a collection of scuba adventure stories from
Mark Ellyatt. Mark has been a full time diving instructor working
all over the world since 1994. Since his earliest fin strokes drama
has lurked around every corner - being lost at sea during open
water training and then getting the bends on his 4th dive ever -
the antics never stopped. Deciding to join the seemingly elite
world of the professional diving instructor after a colourful 5 year
spell as a used car salesman in London, Mark began a journey
that would take him into caves in Florida and down to see amazing
reefs and sea-life spanning the Caribbean to Australia.

Almost immediately after graduating from instructor school Mark
embraced a new form of highly technical scuba diving that though
still in an embryonic state would inspire him to eventually push
deeper underwater than anyone had ventured before. With the
accolades sometimes came the injuries and Mark details both
aspects with his ubiquitously British dry sense of humour.

Ocean Gladiator is a must read for any aspiring diver or traveller
with a taste for adventure. Dive in and enjoy...




Chapter 1: All At Sea…Recreational horror stories
Chapter 2. First Break In The Business...New Instructor in the Caribbean  
Chapter 3. Deeper Interest...Deep Air and Deep Trouble

Chapter 4:
Clarity Beckons...Trimix in the early days
Chapter 5: Overhead Ineptitude...Bahamas and some Cave Cowboys 
Chapter 6. Hurds Deep - Hurts Deep...Woman's Depth Record 180 metres 

Chapter 7
: SMS BADEN meets the Ocean Terrorist...Deepest Wreck Dive 180 metres 
Chapter 8: A Youth-in-Asia story...Tech Diving Thai Style
Chapter 9: Coniston Copper Mine…Entrance to Hell - 170 metres/21 minutes

Chapter 10
: The Deepest Dive - An Ocean of Problems...260 metres + 3 hours Deco 
Chapter 11: 313 metres -  My Own 18.12 Overture...Deepest Scuba Dive -  
Chapter 12: Victoria’s Secret...The Ultimate Wreck Diving Project  

Chapter 13: Honeymoons Over New chapter with up-to-date

Includes a Glossary of Terms and Slang - plus 8 photographs  - total 352 pages


Reader Comments Below * DIVER UK Magazine review here *

Hi Mark, I am currently reading your book,
and am enjoying the read. The observations
of the teaching standards of various instructors
around the world seems frightening, although
(unfortunately) far too familiar. The challenges
of deep diving intrigues me, and although
I need far more experience before I undertake really
deep dives, I'm looking forward to learning more
about decompression theory, mixed gas and tech diving.
Good luck with your future diving, I think your
exploration of deep open circuit diving is an
inspiration to all of us. E S

Just finished your book Mark - excellent job!
I nearly pissed myself reading about Bahamian
used car salesmen and all the lady-boys in
Thailand... Its a long time I read a diving book
without nodding off! Did yours in 3 days...
Keep it up mate! S B

Finished your book last week and really enjoyed it
even if a few of the stories scared the shite out of me
and reminded me of a few old bad memories of my own
(although all are much shallower). Was also good to see
a discussion on gas switching have been asking question
re this for a few years and could never get straight answers
from so called experts. Your software stories reminded me
of a few years back when I started using V-plan original
Scary Stuff!   T C

Just finished reading your book, good effort! It has to
be one of the most enjoyable diving books I’ve read;
funny & informative.
I now can comprehend what is involved
in a 300m+ dive & know that I wouldn’t contemplate doing
 a dive like that (130m will do me fine)! Good to see you get back
from that one. Keep the reaper at bay & the exciting dives coming, J B

Hello Mark,

Your book was very refreshing. I thought it would take weeks to get through it but I read it cover to cover in 2 days! I lent it to everyone in our club, I hope they are not all too tight to get their own copy!

Keep it up...S E

Mark, I just finished your book and wanted to say that I truly
enjoyed it. Especially the reality
of your near misses etc... I am
curious about the fact that you
mention table testing carried out
on the general public...

John Chatterton & Richie Kohler from the Wreck Detectives show buy a copy of the new bible ;-) Brilliant stuff Mark, some
extraordinary accounts. How many lives have you left now?


I just wanted to say that your book was one of the most interesting and
addictive reads I've had in a long time! Cant wait to see the movie...