Experience or stupidity may get you there...  
inspired training will get you back!


Training and Trip Schedule for 2015

         Date                   Location                                        Activity                           

10-20 April 2015

Vancouver, Canada

Pelagian CCR MOD 3 diver

20-27 April 2015

Dorothea Quarry, U.K

Advanced Nitrox & Deco Pro

5-12 May 2015    


Pelagian 60m + 100m

              1-7 June 2013                              Scapa Flow, Orkneys                                           Advanced Wreck

20-30 June 2015

Dominican Republic

Full Cave Diver

5-15 July 2013

Lot, France

Full Cave Diver

Some dates are fixed...some still flexible - email for details

victoria capstan

Feb05 HMS Victoria trip - TDI Poland & John Womack from Otter drysuits plus the legendary Julian

lone diver

side guns

For more information / prices, email