Technical Diving Videos

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Diving the Yolanda wreck in Sharm from 18-160m
Part 1
Diving the Yolanda wreck in Sharm from 18-160m Part 2 Rope Splicing
made easy!

Dolphins in North Cornwall



HMS Pathfinder footage - courtesy of Geordie Simon...ta!


HMS Stubborn - submarine off Malta - video showing proper wreck penetrations! Quality footage from the wreck LENIN in the Black Sea. Video from Evgeny Komko - TekForce Footage from ROV - Tech diver in Baltic Sea is found after
2 weeks apparently caught in fishing net

Mystery Tech Diver falls down ridiculous ladder with twin 20's on!


Nuno Gomes footage from record attempt in Dahab

Highlights of 152m Pogo stick action in Dahab video.


Footage of Free diver Tom Sietas descending to 122metres in Sharm-El-Sheik, Egypt. The Lifting bag and sled jam on the bottom and Deep Trimix Support diver Tom Schwericke has to intervene and save the day. Excellent Clip Mark Ellyatt footage from 313m. Condensed footage from start to finish Mohammad Khattam of Lebanon completed a 220m dive in December. The dive was planned using Decochek. Watch his footage here HMS Victoria footage. The only truly vertical wreck? The ultimate dive for trimix wreck divers. Bows in 150m and Propellers in 77m.  Located in Lebanon in perfect Mediterranean conditions
HMS Victoria footage showing Pelagian CCR
in action

What lies Beneath - Tragic ROV footage from Israeli survey vessel looking for lost divers in the Red Sea - contains several clips from ROV from 70-250metres. A self filmed deep air death follows. Lastly the body of a female scuba diver at 112m left by the authorities to become a tech-divers curio.

Coniston Mine shaft dive footage from 170m for 21mins dive. Here's a 'medley' of the Coniston mine dives - it needs editing further...alot :D Dave Shaw's tragic 270m dive head cam video. Includes documentary footage from S.A television. Stansted Fluid Power CCR booster pump in action (from Divetech)

Footage from the Georgia K wreck in Menorca.
Seabed is 97m with the tippy top of this large wreck around 70m.

Footage for all the web warriors out there. 90m for 10mins in Dorothea with awesome soundtrack

Video clip of Suunto Stinger profiling a 100m+ air dive that went badly wrong.
 Watch the numbers fly
from 80m+ to the surface in less than 1minute!

Goya wreck footage. 7,000 lives lost in greatest loss at sea. Wreck located 20 miles from Polish coast. Footage courtesy of Abyss-Diving,Poland.

John Bennett footage from 308m. Clip shows John arriving at max depth

What happens if you drop your tank on its valve? Watch this video to find out


Out-take video of commercial diver duelling with (deceased) giant Conger Eel!
Video kindly supplied by Professional Diving Academy, Argyll, Scotland.
(Caution-Contains swearing and lots of it)


Deepest Woman (1999) Natasha Abels 180m in English Channel. Short video clip showing footage at max depth and ascent. (Gauges in feet) Deepest Wreck Dive (2000) SMS BADEN in English Channel 177m
 Footage shows keel and empty prop tunnels. (BADEN was stripped for gunnery practice) Harsh conditions and light failures affect film quality plus crap camera work by me!

Channel Wreck mix including HMS Affray submarine footage (86m) + Mystery Cargo ship - (covered in nets 104m) + Radiant Med freighter (Junkyard 72m)