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Technical Diving Courses
Telephone: (+44) 0770 9619305

Nitrox Diver
Introduces enriched air diving procedures,
includes 2  dives using Nitrox with up to 40%
oxygen -
Course Price:           £180  with Optional Dives

Advanced Nitrox Diver

Expanded enriched air theory covering oxygen use up to 100% and, advanced dive planning. Included are 4 dives, practice with advanced buoyancy control and surface marker buoy use.

Course Price:           £475

Solo Diver
A unique qualification covering safety concerns and techniques necessary to become the “ultimate buddy”. Includes 2 dives with redundant scuba systems.

Course Price:           £180

Decompression Procedures Diver
Covering the fundamentals of twin tank use, redundant scuba and deco tanks etc. Includes 4 dives to 45m max

Course Price:           £500

Decompression Nitrox Diver
learn to plan accelerated deco using Nitrox and Oxygen.
All dives with 2-3 tanks down to 45m. 6 Dives.

Course Price:           £700

Trimix Entry Level / Extended Range
Building on deco theory and experience full accelerated decompression technique and 4 multi tank dives to 55/60m 

Course Price:           £750

Trimix Advanced Level 75m - 100m
The ultimate challenge. Mission dive planning and 4 multi tank dives down to 100m. Visiting totally unexplored dive sites.

Course Price:           £800

Advanced Wreck Penetration
Inside wrecks is serious stuff, with 6 dives learning line laying, close quarter manoeuvring and accident prevention. Very practical course!

Course Price:           £650

Technical / Recreational Divemaster
More and more divers are choosing to dive technical and they require suitably experienced dive guides. Decompression diver groups require special handling. This hands on course is perfect for the travelling divemaster interested in leading tech groups.

Course Price:      from     £750

Nitrox Gas Blender
Blending nitrox in an easy to understand- hands on course. In depth info on oxygen handling and Nitrox production. A must for dive professionals and divers alike.

Course Price:           £150

Advanced Gas Blender
Building on the basic course. An in depth course covering Advanced Nitrox blending techniques plus Heliox, Heliair and Trimix production. Many dive centres need this qualification. Improve your career prospects or just be self sufficient.

Course Price:           £250

Closed Circuit Rebreather

Inspired Training offers training on the Pelagian DCCR, AP Inspiration, AP Evolution at both diver and instructor level. The following 4 courses are available.

CCR Air Diluent no-deco
5 Days 7 Dives 30m maximum depth Air Diluent  - £800

Air Diluent deco
5 Days 7 Dives 45m maximum depth Air Diluent - £800

Mixed Gas Diluent 60m
5 Days 6 Dives 60m maximum depth Advanced Trimix  Diluent - £850

Expedition Mixed Gas Diluent 75m
3 Days 3 Dives 75m maximum depth Advanced Trimix  Diluent - £650

Explorer Mixed Gas Diluent 100m
3 Days 3 Dives 100m maximum depth Advanced Trimix  Diluent - £650

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Each course has certain pre requisites, please email for details. Some courses include a multi media manual where available, others require manual purchase. Email for pricing of overseas courses. Course prices exclude boat diving costs or other entrance fees and gas.

Divers to provide own suitable technical diving equipment, equipment can be rented if necessary. Cancellations are accepted no earlier than 2 months before training or travel commences. Refunds will only be issued if course instructor is unavailable to proceed with agreed schedule. Divers should obtain insurance to cover unforeseeable and foreseeable complications including recompression treatment, motorbike accidents, disease and infections. Instructor/Tour Leader reserves the right to exclude participants without compensation if they exhibit obvious narcotics/alcohol abuse or at the discovery of falsified release form statements.

Helium gas extra  £0.06 per litre



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