Lebanon, some 120 miles east of Cyprus has been described as Where East meets Best. The country is sandwiched by Syria to the north and Israel to the south. Lebanon has an eclectic mix of  Arabic culture and tradition with Mediterranean dining and moderate weather, the suns rays being cooled by med breezes.

Lebanon is located in the birthplace of civilisation. Traders since antiquity have plied the waters of this eastern Mediterranean haven, therefore its not surprising that ship wrecks both ancient and modern adorn the seabed by the dozen. Lebanon rises from the ocean and within a few miles reaches a mountain range of some 3000m elevation.

Roman ruins. Pictures shows early underground heating system, very handy during the Lebanese winter

Jounieh from the sea.

Phonecian Dry Dock...oldest in the world?

Amphoras found locally

This incredible surface topography provides a truly unbelievable underwater landscape, with dramatic drop offs and sheer walls covered in soft corals, just a stone's throw from the shore. The mountain range back drop, snow topped in the cooler months, causes fresh water to percolate down to the sea, this has formed fresh water springs to carve giant voids in the sea bed. These are Lebanon's own BLUE HOLES, some reaching depths near five hundred feet deep.

Lebanon will become famous for its amazing underwater diversity, both coral and ship wreck. Experienced or beginner diver will be impressed by the Mediterranean feel of the country and the quality of the dive sites. Only Lebanon can offer a holiday that allows skiing down the snow topped slopes in the morning, followed by an amazing wall dive or exhilarating wreck dive in the afternoon.

 Lebanon Dive centres have many choices of dive boats, taking divers everyday during the season, both near and far to explore the stunning aqua-scapes. Modern large air compressors allow  groups the flexibility to dive to their own schedule, up to three times per day. Nitrox and Trimix are readily available. Contact mark@inspired-training for details of a fabulous dive trip to a new and interesting destination.

Non divers have the vibrant towns of Beirut and Tripoli to explore, those wishing a more relaxed pace can wander through the historic streets of Byblos (home of  modern alphabet) or any of the numerous ancient temples and ruins that have decorated the Lebanese landscape since Sumerian times and beyond. Below is a selection of photos from a Pelagian CCR course hosted by the Extreme Dive Centre in Jounieh, Lebanon

Diver swims towards huge propellors

HMS Victoria a monument to a breakdown in leadership

Lebanon has many shipwrecks but none more famous than HMS Victoria. Recently discovered of Tripoli, Lebanon, the flagship of Queen Victoria’s Mediterranean fleet has lane undisturbed for over 100 years orientated totally vertically. A chapter in British Naval History that the authorities had hoped would remain  forever closed. HMS Victoria has been found  in a position best described as its own nautical headstone. This picture above/center shows a diver free swimming at 120m. In the background (between right propeller support) another diver starts his decompression at 80m. Mark Ellyatt took the picture from 130m deep.


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