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Inspired Training is run by Mark Ellyatt. Mark has been teaching technical  and recreational diving full time since 1994.

The Philosophy at Inspired Training is that customers should finish diver training confident and comfortable at the maximum depth allowed for the training course. The course Instructor should be regularly diving 50% deeper than the diver levels. Currently some tech agencies allow an instructor with 2 dives below 70m to take students to 100m!

Any credible Instructor Trainer should be capable of diving to Twice as deep as the diver levels, this approach ensures a pyramid of experience ensuring customers receive tuition from instructors with practical experience beyond the bare minimum that training agencies expect.    Make Sense?

Post dive cuppa...An Instructor for  24 years; Mark has surfaced safely from over 1000 dives below 60m and more than 250 beyond 100m. Since 1995 Mark has been diving below 150m and in 2003 went to 313m. When you receive Diver or Instructor training from Mark you get to hear how to do it and how not to from first hand experience. Mark promises to give you  Inspired Training and definitely not simply a recital from a training text!

Marks Deep Diving adventures have visited wrecks in 180m way back in 99/00/2001. Read the hair raising accounts of these and others including  21 minutes at 170m in a UK Copper Mine in his book Ocean Gladiator.

Completing over 5000 dives that include not only Caverns, Caves and Rebreathers but also drift dives, the odd bit of fish spotting plus years of being a Dive Boat Captain in the Channel Islands, you can be sure of getting some truly Inspired Training.

Arnold Palmer (Golfer) had an excellent phrase that should be every divers Mantra...

"The more I practice, the Luckier I get"  

Inspired Training's main focus is providing technical diver training in various worldwide locations. Inspired Training offers technical dive project support,  also decompression plan analysis / advice.

View the pages from the groundbreaking  DecoChek program here.

Inspired Training maintains a small data base of diver trainers  who  adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards and most importantly... Dive themselves! Should you wish to receive training through Inspired Training you can rest assured that the training provider has the backup of the most experienced diver educators in the world.

Thoughts for the day...

BE ready to live or GET ready to die

Nitrogen Narcosis is for Christmas - Oxygen Toxicity is for Life

Helium provides only sobriety, not experience or buoyancy skills!


Fortune favours the prepared mind Inspired Training can help

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