DIR Admiral training :-) Deans Blue Hole, Bahamas
Leviathan on a sunny day Apeks night light - just add O2
excuse me reg is leaking a bit! worst reg ive seen for a while Julian struggles with his home made Heads Up Display
Pelagian duo twin 12's meet staircase...ouch all the does the rest of the saying go?
er, whats the tampon for? Dans cave, Abaco Exive CCR and Sergeant Pepper mini sub
dont go in yet! ybod Bar-B
Lime packing ala Pablo Escobar Pelagian with twin 63's Rod ready for action
George and Rod doing no-mask drills :D Mark E having lunch on the go...
Habibeh George and Rod post dive in Aqaba Have my vodka martini ready in an hour miss funny fanny beep beep...beep beep...reversing
Phil checks his po2 Phil in action Rod at one with ze ocean
George looks for an octopus lunch DIR in motion - almost brings a tear to your eye dont it! Phil spots his lunch...a seahorse emerging from his mud home
Pelagian CCR during 5 hour deco I spy Frog Fish Leave me alone...I was sleepin!
Buddy Breathing Dolphin style...George looks on Rod emerges inside Cedar Pride wreck
Tiny Lion Fish Hang Man's reef...George gets his neck stretched
Pelagian CCR with 7litre & 5litre & 3litre tanks Blenny at home in an apple Rod swims past Tai Yong wreck at 55m
Doyouthinkhesaurus fish in action Rod in port-hole spotting guise Special Forces 1st stage - 150bar reserve even with no tank!
List 99? Mark decos after 313m Champagne before chamber
Mark E (right) hanging with tech wannabee (left) have dive centre - will travel
Banana complete with monkey Thirsty work all this Mark's bubbles from 300m (1 metre across!)
Right, all I have to do is stick this in me gob and dont hold my breath? looking haggard after the dive the good ole' days


DIR for strokes...surely not! Boat Bums, Menorca - Gross
Bail-out tastic from 210m Yolanda wreck dive Bail-out tastic from 210m Yolanda wreck dive Banan returns from 212m
Returning from Georgia K wreck (Menorca) Paul inspecting whale molars
Mark pre-bimble in Menorca Kevin finds lunch The danger of sleeping on wet newspapers!
Stalac meets Stalag...almost Archway of the Blue Hoe damn...these regs were DIR last week!
Fenzy's, Twin hoses and Decometers! ahhh the good ol'days when kit was shit and computers were proud to bend you! Me and Pelagian XR rig before 90m dive
Polish dive group in Sharm Rib full of PADDY professionals! Look at that poise!
erection comparisons at Chepstow I bet you would if no-one was about ;-) Homeless dive pros in Chepstow - Big Issue anyone?
Cat gets in slowly...the water's freezin! corr..who is this idiot? I like his equipment though...mmm some DIR herbert on the ladder after we rescued him :D
argon has some uses mutant hydra moray...very rare running from mushroom cloud
warning...manifolds and stairs dont mix dive-dive-dive New HSE tank o2 cleaning with chip fat
New Greenforce HID 10watt Digi pack set...very nice Portuguese Tech Team mystery cool diver
Jack Musial decoing after 235m dive - Red Sea May 08 It was this big! Pelagian DCCR dive...deco after 70m for 25mins in Chepstow
Pedro in tech action again... monkey examining my camera trying to look cool
Sanna buddy breaths with fish at 80metres! Seemed like a good idea at the time for those who say where are the fishy pics...viola!
Breakfast menu on Gili-Trawangan, Indonesia sun fish ready to strike
whatchu lookin at willace? thats a dive new age butt massager
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