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Mark Ellyatt has been servicing diving equipment for 24 years. From hydro testing & shot blasting tanks to Oxygen cleaning tank valves/manifolds and servicing many different brands of diving regulators, you can be sure your equipment will receive expert attention. Breathing air compressors are a huge part of diving, we can service or even rebuild various models and offer analysis of air for Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (co2) and oil contamination.

Brands like: Apeks, Mares, Scubapro, Poseidon,
Aqualung, Sherwood, Dacor, San-o-sub, Beaver, Coltri-Sub,
Bristol, Hamworthy, Compair-Reavell, Bauer etc.

Reg servicing from 49 for 1st & 2nd stage (plus parts kit cost)
Additional 2nd stage (Octopus) 15 (plus parts kit cost)
Contents Gauge Swivel and hose ends 10
Ebay purchase 'Check & Tune-up' from 25

Tank hydro 40
Tank Visual 25
Tank Internal Shot-blast 15
Valve Service/O2 clean 10
Tank o2 clean 25

Above prices plus postage/shipping where necessary. We can offer quick turnaround usually (2-3 days for regs). Based in Suffolk, U.K.

CALL: (+ 44) 0770 961 9305 for more information.





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