Creating Dives

Dives can be created from scratch or dive templates can be accessed using the Open Dive option in the drop down FILE menu. If you prefer, you can create dives purely 'by hand', using the editing features described on the next page, but let's start with the 'automatic' options.

Creating a New Dive

Use the File/New menu command, (or CTRL+N) to bring up the New Dive Dialog.

Select your initial depth, descent rate and bottom time, and also whether the dive will be predominantly using Open Circuit (OC) or Closed Circuit (CCR) equipment. Next, choose the breathing mixtures you wish to use during the dive.

To add a new gas, choose the gas from left side Available Gas menu. Highlight the gas you want and then click on ADD. If the exact gas you want is not in the list, use the nearest one, and change the values to suit using the controls available on the Gases Screen. Once you are happy with the mixture click ADD to place the gas in the gas list.

As with the Gases Screen, you can also load one of the preset gas lists. See the Mixes Screen for more information

If you are unsure what gas to use for the planned depth please consult your Agency Training Materials or simply click on the Optimum Breathing Gas button. The optimum gas chosen will then be placed in the GAS LIST automatically for you.

Each mixture in the GAS LIST needs to be assigned a Role; either: None, Bottom, Travel or Deco. Gases should be assigned a role at this stage or the program will offer suggested roles by default, simply check the suggested Role to reflect what you intend. When all the gas choices are made; finish by clicking the OK button.

Opening Existing Dives

Many profiles have been added to the Dives directory, accessed by using the OPEN DIVE option in the FILE menu. Find the dive template that closest suits your needs, then simply edit the relevant point in the graph to match your specific Depth and Bottom Time requirements.