Decocheck be downloaded from . This version is currently suitable for any desktop computer running Java. After downloading, unpack the file and run the 'Decochek.jar' program contained within. The program will be limited to 40 metres depth until fully activated by registration.


After installation, run the program and click on the 'Help' menu, then select 'Register'. Your computer will have assigned a unique number that should be sent via email to Once you have paid the user fee you will be sent a registration code that should be pasted into the registration code box.

Next, add your name and press Register. Registered programs will instantly have the depth limitation removed. Registration codes are valid only on the computer they were created for. If you need to reinstall the program on the same computer simply use the same registration code as before. Certain hardware changes post Decochek install may affect the registration validity, please email for advice. Users should check regularly to obtain the most up to date version of the program.