File Format

The Decocheck File format is a text file consisting simply of a header, gas information and waypoint information. An example is show below.
CDM Dive 2.0

GasMix TMX 17/40,bottom
GasMix TMX 20/30,deco
GasMix Air,any
GasMix EAN 50,deco
GasMix 100%,deco
0.0,101325,TMX 17/40,0.0
3.0,830865,TMX 17/40,0.0
20.0,830865,TMX 17/40,0.0

The Header must read as above, followed by a blank line.

'GasMix' lines show name of the gas and the 'role' - 'bottom','deco','travel' or 'any'.

Subsequent lines show time (in minutes), pressure (in pascals) , Gas name and CCR PO2 (0 if no CCR).