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The guys at Orca

Orca Dive Club located right on the beach in Dahab. Two brothers (Wael and Hossam) own and manage the dive centre. The operation is run very professionally with a troupe of helpful and friendly staff. Dahab is located 1 hour by plane east of Cairo. Famous for its Blue Hole, an amazing prehistoric sink hole a few metres from the beach.

The Blue Hole is circular - approx 100m across, it descends in spectacular fashion to over 100m deep. On the seaward side of the hole is an archway starting at 53m depth. This archway allows easy access to the open ocean with depths  in excess of 180m within easy swim range. The draw of the arch has claimed more than 150 lives.

The Blue Hole could be described as the ultimate technical training dive site. The confines of the coral walls all around mean conditions in the hole are similar to confined water. The apparent easiness of this Blue Hole has led to many cases of complacency and dozens of lives have been  lost over the years, generally divers poorly equipped for depth lacking both experience and/or correct equipment. This dive site must appear near the top of anyone's "must do" technical dive sites.

jacuzzi of bubbles at the canyonsOther spectacular dive sites such as The Canyons and Bells are quite near the Blue Hole, these dive sites are suitable for technical dives and also recreational divers, with lots to see at every depth. Closer to Dahab central is a myriad of dive sites all offering excellent diving from the shore. In fact, you are unlikely to see a dive boat at all in Dahab, good news if you get sea sick!

Orca Dive Club offers training and equipment rental for every divers taste. Recreational  training courses or adventurous guided dives are available every day. Technical training is also on offer, along with Trimix guided dive tours down as deep as 100m. Orca Dive Club can handle technical groups with up to 12 divers with its large selection of double tanks and decompression cylinders.

Oxygen and Trimix fills are readily available.

Due to its easy logistics, the Blue Hole is the ideal  venue for Mark Ellyatt's Trimix Master Class. During the Master Class, experienced Trimix divers learn techniques to take them reliably into the Twilight Zone and back...

advanced trimix class

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invisible man rides home! The Bluehole archway at 53m




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