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Diving instructor in Barbados...

Ooh, my good gourd!

Leviathan - my dive boat in Jersey

The water is moving - it weren't like this in the lake!

The Bajan live-aboard 'Lil Hero' in action

Getting ready for the Baden

Bahamian rebreather rescue

All tooled up on HMS Victoria

Post Baden...about to drive the 60mile back to Jersey

Caribbean Nitrox blending station  (1994)

NHS recompression chamber!

rebreather rescue in Bahamas

crossing swollen river with twin 20's

Up-market pots have the best reading material :-)

First blending station in the Eastern Caribbean

Seemed like a good idea at the time - video in Coniston

BBC film crew doing interview before Baden dive...

First 127m air dive (1995)

Dive trip and bbq to Les Ecrihoes (1995)

Diving HMS Vestal - Phuket

Coniston mine layout

Glen helping me to get ready for 260m dive

Deco after 313m dive with Hilde
SMS Baden in action It wasn't me!  King Cruiser turning into submarine Catching Salmon in Cumbria

Ready for drama - pre 260m

Looking a little rough after 313!

2nd Baden dive Snorkelling in 170m - Coniston style

Support team in action after crazy rgbm dive!

A cheeky JD and coke before 313 dive ;-)
Baden team. Pete (left) and Matt (right) Batteries crushed by pressure after 313 dive Entrance to the Asylum...Coniston mine Team briefing pre 260m dive Breathing like the proverbial after 313 dive
Can't even pick my nose! :-) transfer pot in Lebanon a nice cuppa after 90m in killer quarry They said it would be all right on the internet forum :-) Artist's impression of HMS Victoria Cornish wreck dive
Lunch pushed through my IDA59 mouthpiece! Twin propellors of HMS Victoria Pelagian CCR in action after 150m dive Non swimmers meet propellors during Victorias sinking