The Pelagian DCCCR from RebreatherLab.

A Diver Controlled Closed Circuit Rebreather

Simple Design, Minimal Size, Explorer Friendly.

Available now as personal import from just $6200, the Pelagian is supplied direct from the manufacturer. Kit includes all major components, including regulators, users adding their own wing, back-plate, O2 sensors, spg's and tanks.

Specifications include 3.4kg lime capacity allowing 4hrs use in
temperate water and up to 8hrs in tropical conditions!

In built ADV valve -allows real time O2 sensor validation!

Optional Shearwater Predator Computer

6 Pelagians ready for action...

Easy integration with 3rd cell for real time decompression calculations

Very lightweight and easy to travel with. The whole unit will fit into airplane hand luggage! (w/out tanks)

Easily configurable with 2-12 litre supply tanks.

Training in Thailand - UK - Europe - Egypt - 7 dive course

MOD 1 (30m) 750 - MOD 2  (45m) 800

MOD 3 (60m) 850 - MOD 4 (100m) 950

Integrated BOV only $550 (when ordered with unit)
30 day lead-time depending on package required.

See Pelagian CCR in action here

Read SportDiver Review Here  - Check the Pelagian Facebook page

Pelagian integrated with twinset for sub 100m dives

If you WANT a CCR there are many to choose from
If you NEED a CCR there is only one...PELAGIAN